Why don't people tell us?


I love what you all are doing and want to be as supportive and flexible as I can but I’m curious why people choose not to tell their HR departments or managers about their illness even after working for a while?


I have worked for the same company for going on 4 years now, but didn’t tell my HR until after working there for 2 years. Ever since I told them they have completely cut my hours and now I have not worked a single shift in well over a year now. Because of my chronic disease I was running out of sick days, and I was worried about being let go because of multiple absences. I felt like I had no option but to tell them, but now I regret it. I was immediately put on mandatory leave until all my disability paper work was filed. The paper work never ended, it was sent over to me so slowly one form at a time, and then I stopped hearing from my employer and HR. After a year I finally finished dealing with the disability paper work, and got the go ahead to begin working again. The problem with that was now that my paperwork was filed they felt my job description was too much for me, so they won’t let me work in my department anymore. They are still “looking” for a new department for me to work in, but I feel as though they don’t even want me working for them anymore. This has been an unbelievable ordeal for me and wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.


Hi Lauren (@Lgrycz), I’m sorry you and so many others have had experiences like this. I’d love to hear more about your story. Please feel free to shoot me an email at chronicallycapable@gmail.com and I’ll reach out to your directly!



@Lgrycz thanks so much for opening up and sharing your experience. That starts to make a lot more sense to me and I’m sorry it’s the reality. I hope I can speak on behalf of many others to say that I support you and wish you nothing but success in your journey. I am an advocate an will keep doing what I can!