Who is able to work?


I’m interested to see how many people still work… and if so, how long have you been sick?


Hi @caroline19!!

Many people are unaware of how aggressive treatment can be and how hard it is to balance with a full time job. I realized this first hand after I landed my first job out of college at a top-tier design agency. Like any new hire, I was working long hours and trying to establish myself in the company, but I had the added difficulty of having to be on an IV for 6 hours a day. Not to mention the 28 pills I had to remember to take. Ultimately, I got completely burnt out and had to prioritize my health over the work I was passionate about.

This was so defeating. But I learned I was not alone. I now am working to create a space where people like you and me can connect with flexible employers.

I’d love to hear what some of your career interests are so we can start to add more relevant jobs that might be of interest to you! :slight_smile: