I want to be a better girlfriend


I’m dating someone with a chronic illness and I feel defeated. I want to better understand the disease and be there as best as I can, but they don’t always open up. :slightly_frowning_face:

Does anyone have any advice for dating someone with a chronic disease? I desperately want to make it work…


In my experience as someone who suffers from chronic Lyme, dating has been a struggle for the past few years. The reason is because I am fiercely independent and don’t want someone to “baby” me. It’s not that i don’t WANT the help, it’s that I really don’t need it. But of course, love is an important, positive part of life and i think if you find the right person, it can actually be extremely beneficial to your health.

My advice would be to read about their disease online. If you start to understand the disease and its side affects, you’ll be able to better understand what they’re going through. Also, talking about the disease in a constructive way with your partner is helpful. Don’t attack them with “whats wrong? why are you cancelling plans? why wont you talk about your disease?” etc…, this might ultimately just push them away. Try telling them they’re safe, and loved, and that you’re there when they need you.

Anyone else want to add to this? :green_heart:


I second this!! But I DO think communication is also important, and when possible I think it’s great to talk to your partner about your illness so they are able to be more empathetic.